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Money Pebbles Spell

Money pebbles

I am guessing that we all have a pebble or two in our gardens. Or we can find them when we are out and about. Pebbles align with the element of earth which is all about stability, material things and prosperity. Just sitting outside in the fresh air, the pebbles also soak up energy from the sun. The sun brings power, positive energy, growth and happiness. The humble pebble is a serious magical item.

If you can find pebbles that have a flat surface, they are perfect to write symbols on, which is what we are going to do with this spell.

You will need:

Four pebbles, large enough to write a symbol on

Marker pens, in various colours if possible (or acrylic paint works well too)

Wash and dry your pebbles.

Lay them out in front of you.

Take the first pebble and draw a £/$ sign on the top with your pen or paint.


With the magical element of earth

Symbol of money to bring what it’s worth

Add in mighty power of the sun

Work your magic until it is done

You can just draw a simple £/$ sign or add in colour and design around it. Maybe a green leaf design to symbolize money growing?

Then repeat with each of the other three pebbles. Draw the same design on each or mix it up a bit and use other signs or something else that represents money, prosperity and wealth to you. Say the chant as you work on each one.

When you have all four pebbles finished you will need to place them around your home.

Try and get them in each of the four corners of your house. Just pop them on the floor in the corner of the room. Or you might like to place them outside, one either side of your front door to help money come in and then the other two at the back of the house. Placement will depend on the layout of your abode. But try and get them spaced out in a square.

Once all four are in place, say:

With the placement of all four

Money come to me and more

Magic of the earthy stone

Make my house a money zone

Make it so!

Leave the pebbles in place and watch the money flow in.

Spell taken from Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Earth by Rachel Patterson


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