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Moon Books: The TRUTH

Over the weekend a post surfaced on social media with a huge amount of misinformation about my book publisher, Moon Books Publishing. It is really sad when things like this happen, a quick internet search by the writer would have given the correct facts, instead a damning post was made with incorrect information.

I would like to clarify, because I have been writing for Moon Books since 2012 (my first book published in 2013). They are an amazing company to work for and it is my continued honour and pleasure to do so.

Moon Books uses AI to create the scripts for videos

FALSE, our genius graphic guy designs and scripts them himself.

Moon Books uses a robo voice to narrate them

FALSE, our genius graphic guy voices them with his own very human vocal chords. For goodness sake, you can even see him on screen narrating some of them!

Moon Books deliberately sexes up videos for men to watch

WHAT? Not even going to bother answering that one.

How long before Moon Books does away with authors and uses AI to write its books?

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (and that is direct quote from the big boss man)

Moon Books crowd-funds its anthologies


All the Moon Books anthologies are fully funded directly by Moon Books

Moon Books is a vanity publisher


There are several levels of contract, on occasion an author may be offered one that incurs some set up costs these are generally on the fiction side of things.

Moon Books authors pay lots on money to have their books published

FALSE, I have had over twenty books published through Moon Books and have never paid a penny to have any of them published.

Authors are told by the publisher (it might even be in their contract) that they have to endorse the books of other authors in the imprint, even without reading them

FALSE, that is just plain offensive to me as an author. Where on earth do they get this stuff from?

Moon Books uses AI in some of its videos

This is the only comment that has some truth to it. Our genius graphic guy uses digital software to create videos for the Moon Books YouTube channel, some of the images are generated using legal image software. What he does is use software as a tool to enable him to produce interesting videos that focus mainly on different deities. The scripts for these short video clips are taken from Moon Books books and he narrates them himself. He is extremely careful and uses the software tool properly, ethically and legally. He does not steal images, he does not steal jobs from artists.


Moon Books is an amazing book publisher, and the editor Trevor is the driving force who has created a wonderful supportive community of writers. Matty our graphics guy has done fantastic things with our visual and audio promotion, he is a total superstar. The comments that were made have been taken personally by the Moon Books authors. It is an insult to our reputations as well as to Moon Books.


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