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Music in Magic

I often see requests on social media about pagan music. The query usually asks “what pagan music do you listen to?”.

And there is a huge choice of pagan bands out there (some of my particular favourites are Spriggan Mist, Damh the Bard and Kellianna).

But it got me to thinking about music and using it in magic. Because in fact I do, quite a lot. And it doesn’t have to be pagan music.

Sabbat music

What about playing music when you are performing a sabbat ritual? Lots of the pagan bands have songs specifically about the celebrations. It will help get you in the mood and add to the atmosphere of the ritual. The same for esbats, there are lots of songs about the moon. Lady Moon by Kellianna springs to mind or outside of pagan music how about The Whole of the Moon by The Waterboys.


If you are calling on the energy of a specific deity, then you could use a song dedicated to them. If you can’t find a song with the deity’s name in, then pick something you associate with them. Spriggan Mist have a track called Dance of Pan, Kellianna has a track called Kali-Ma or one called Freya and Damh the Bard sings about Rhiannon for instance.

Spell work

For spell working music can add a big impact and build on the power of your magic. Choose a song that corresponds to your intent. So, for a prosperity spell you might play ‘Money, money, money’ by Abba. I didn’t say it had to be modern! If you are working protection magic you might want to pop on some heavy metal bands. Music for love spells is easy, you are absolutely spoilt for choice – any Barry White track would work perfectly.

Elements and animals

Try using a different track to call in each of the elements or casting the circle. Ring of Fire would be perfect! If you are working with animal magic try using a song that mentions the animal…The Lion Sleeps Tonight will certainly raise some energy…

You don’t have to be able to sing, or even know all the words. Just chant the chorus of the song or play the original track through you phone or sound system.


Songs have the power and ability to evoke incredibly strong emotions and feelings. Even memories of places, periods in time and people. If you are working magic for a particular person then use their favourite song or band as a theme playing in the background.

Songs are also useful for meditation. My mind monkey rarely stops chattering, even for five minutes so I prefer to listen to guided meditation. However, putting on a particular music track can also work. I like to listen to the band Journey to meditate to. It might not work for some, but it does the trick for me. Laying down with my eyes closed and the music on just takes me away.

One of the ways I like to raise energy in ritual or for spell work is via music. Drumming is brilliant but I prefer to pop on a few of my favourite 1980’s dance tracks. Bronski Beat, Yazz or Black Box gets me jumping around the room, waving my arms like a loony. No better way to get the energy levels riding high!

Use that strong energy and work the music magic into your ritual or spell work.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 23.7.19


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