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Online Workshop: Spell Casting

Join me over at The College of Psychic Studies for and online workshop:

Spell Casting

Saturday 30th September 2023:

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

"There is so much more to casting a spell than waving a magic wand! It takes thought, focus and a lot of energy. Learn the essentials of effective spell-casting in this online workshop.

In its most simple form, a spell is the desire to bring about change, whether in your life or that of others. Add to that initial desire your own will, intent, belief and energy, and you can make change happen. This is the essence of spell-casting.

However, a successful spell requires much consideration. It must be crafted correctly to avoid unwanted or unintended consequences. This livestream workshop teaches you the essentials of successful spell-casting. You'll learn the structure of a spell, how to use correspondences effectively, different methods of casting spells, and more."

Click the link for more information and booking details:

Previous participants say:

"Rachel made everyone feel warm and welcome bringing with her, a joyful, happy exhilarating energy where one felt free to ask questions and express themselves."

"An amazing highly sophisticated teacher providing a wealth of topics in such a short space of time."

"Very informative class and Rachel is very kind and a good facilitator."

"Rachel is such a lovely and approachable presenter with very interesting material. Thank you!"


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