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Plant Spirit Connections and the magic of geranium

Every plant, every flower, every herb and every tree has energy and that energy has magical properties.

I add herbs to my candle magic spells, I make medicine pouches or mojo bags, I put them in witches’ bottles, fill poppets with them, make magic powders with them, smudge my house with them, make incense with them and put them in my medicine bag.

All plants have spirits, and to connect with the magical property of each plant it is my suggestion that you talk to the spirit within it, make a connection. This is easily done, if you don’t mind the neighbours thinking you are slightly mad.

There are lists of magical correspondences in books and on the net and I will give you lots of ideas and examples within these pages too, but at the end of the day it is you that decides what works for your particular need. Just because someone else says one herb is good for prosperity doesn’t mean it is necessarily the right one for you, if you really strongly feel that it is better for healing then go with your instinct.

You might work with a particular spell that asks for an ingredient you don’t have or can’t get hold of, in this case I suggest you come up with an alternative, go with what feels right for you. Run your hand slowly over your jars of herbs with the intent in mind and see what one ‘feels’ right, hopefully the best substitute will jump out at you. Although not literally because that would be spooky…but who knows?

You will also need to charge each herb with your intent before using them. Take the amount of herb you need for your working and hold it in your hand or hold your hand over the pot it is in (only charge the amount you need not the whole batch as you may need to use the herb for another intent next time). Visualise your intent in your mind and then send that energy down through your hand and into the herb.

Plants not only have magical energies that lend themselves to spell working such as prosperity, love and protection but they also have a gender, some plants have female energies whilst others have male – useful to use when you need that sort of energy. Each plant will also be aligned to a certain planet and a certain element, again useful when you need that specific type of energy.

If you want to find out what magical property a particular herb or plant you have in front of you has, there is a very simple way…ask it! Calm and centre yourself, have the plant or herb in front of you and slowly bring your hands up and towards the plant, as you do so ask (out loud or in your mind) if you can connect with the plants energy (its aura if you like), as your hands get closer to the plant you should start to fill a resistance coming from the ‘bubble’ that is the plant’s energy field. As you connect with this energy ask what magical properties it holds, hopefully your intuition will answer you.

Plant spirit guides can also be connected with in various ways. Dreams and meditations are the easiest way to meet your plant ally. Before you go to sleep put out the intent that you would like to meet a plant spirit guide, in particular YOUR plant spirit guide. You will often find that in your dream you will see a plant, tree or flower or you might smell the scent of an herb or even just hear the name of a plant mentioned in your dream. This will often be backed up by seeing that same plant the following day whilst out and about or on the television or in a book.

If you prefer to meditate, set out the intent that you want to meet your plant spirit guide before you make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, then see where your mind takes you and what landscape it leads you to.


(Pelargonium maculatum/P.odoratissimum/Hortorum)

Traditionally a witch would grow red geraniums in the garden to ward off negative energies and warn when visitors were coming. I have the vision in my head of the flowers in Alice in Wonderland, all turning and shouting to the witch that ‘visitors are on the way’.

And before I have all the horticulturists on at me – geranium is a common name we use for the bedding plants we are familiar with, but they are actually officially pelargoniums, geraniums are a huge variety of plants commonly known as cranesbills – confused? Yep, that’s why I am using the more common name of geranium here – it’s the ones you buy in the garden centre during the summer in pots for your patio. However you can also use the cranesbill varieties as well – same magical properties.

Keep geraniums indoors to make guests feel welcome.

Pink geraniums are good for love spells and white ones for fertility. Adding white geranium petals to incense blends for fertility works very well.

Use geranium petals in spells to help you feel more confident about socialising or to bring more social events your way.

You can also get scented pelargoniums which combine scents such as lemon, peppermint and even chocolate – these can be used very well in spell work.

Use geranium oil to cleanse your aura.

Geranium Magical Properties:

Protection, fertility, love, socialise, aura cleansing

Ruling planet – Venus

Sign - Pisces

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine

Geranium Flower Magic Oracle

Don’t be a total party wallflower,

find yourself and step into your power.

Meet up with your friends, get out and about,

the good times await, no need to doubt.

Hide behind your front door no more,

be a social butterfly not a crashing bore


Geranium can herald an unexpected visit from friends or family. It can also mean that you need to get out and about, meet new people and socialise. You might meet some seriously interesting people or discover a long-lost friend or even just get to know your neighbours better. Geranium can also symbolise being made to feel welcome in a situation or perhaps you need to make someone else in your circle feel more comfortable. Anyone heading into a new or unfamiliar area to meet different people

will often automatically put up barriers and shields, it is a natural form of self-preservation to bring in your protection against the unknown. It is a wise precaution but in doing so you may also shut yourself off or seem rude and unfriendly.


Geraniums (also known as Pelargonium or Crane’s-bills) all have similar magical properties. It is said that the Islamic prophet Mohammed needed to dry his shirt out, so he draped it over the nearest plant - a mallow. He was so pleased with how well the plant had held his shirt and allowed it to dry that he gifted the plant with beautiful blossoms… Ta dah! The geranium was created.


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