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Renovations: Week One

Week one of the house renovations is done!

We have been blown away with how professional, efficient, polite and tidy the building crew are, they are total superstars.

The conservatory was demolished in the blink of an eye.

Foundation trenches have been dug for the extension - although I prefer to call it a moat.

We even have a plank to walk - arrrrrrgh or some such pirate kind of talk.

The ceiling in the old dining room (which will be the kitchen) has all gone too.

Half of the kitchen units have been removed.

The majority of the work has been focused on preparing the foundations for the new extension.

Slight hiccup on our part where we hadn't sent in some paperwork into the council, but that was quickly sorted (thank you to my brother for jumping on it so speedily!).

The only issue we have had this week is not being able to get the crane lorry near the front of our house to take away the rubble. Parking in our area is 'on street, free for all' and can be a complete nightmare. However...on Friday evening a couple of our neighbours stepped up and become total heroes, moving their cars around and offering to do so at any time we needed it over the next few weeks. So the space outside our house is now 'covered' ready for the crane lorry on Monday.

Friday was the first 'whole house full of total dust' day, we were prepared though so it wasn't such a shock. And the building crew did everything they possibly could to keep the dust down to a minimum.

Our superstar building crew have also made sure that Eric was kept safe. At the end of each day they have put planks down for him to walk across and put boards up to keep him out of areas that are not safe for him.

And...among all the total building site chaos, every night they sweep the hall carpet and wash up their tea mugs!

We were as prepared as we could be for this adventure, but have made it so much easier.



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