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A House with a Name

If you have followed me at all on social media over the past six months you will know our home has undergone a big renovation. Most of the ground floor has been changed in some way. It has been a long and in places, quite stressful journey, but the end result is wonderful.

With all the changes in the house, the energy has been disturbed and has whizzed around in absolute chaos. I have struggled to deal with that energy. Until a few days ago.

The story began during the renovation, when the ceiling was taken down in the old kitchen. The building crew discovered a couple of items that it seems had fallen through the floorboards from the bedroom above and been lost in time. You can see details of the finds here:

I posted the images of the photograph and the postcard on social media and a very lovely lady contacted me after seeing them. She is an amateur house historian and asked if I would give permission for her to trace the history of a house and also see if she could discover a connection with the address on the postcard too. Of course, I said yes!

Then in all the chaos of the build I admit I forgot all about it. Until last week, when a parcel arrived in the post. This very wonderful lady had put together a folder of information. She had obviously spent a huge amount of time and effort tracing previous owners and renters in our home - turns out most of them were connected with the Navy. The folder has so much detail including copies of marriage certificates and census entries. It was absolutely fascinating to read about the previous occupants of our home going back to the date it was built in 1910 - ten years before we had believed it had been built.

The information she also dug up on the postcard, the address in London and the photographer was also amazing, including some hilariously written newspaper entries. Not hilarious in the content, but so funny with the language that was used to convey the stories.

I was absolutely blown away by the kindness of this complete stranger and the time and effort she had put in.

One thing stood out and that one thing was a game changer for me. She had discovered our house has a name - it is called Cresselly. This might seem like an insignificant detail, but to me it sparked a connection. The energy in our home seemed to settle down and my connection to it was restored. I am certain it was due to the house regaining its name. The feeling of relief is immense. Our house has gone through so much in the last six months, but it now feels like our home again.

My thanks to a complete stranger, you are no longer that, I now consider you a friend and on top of that, an amazing human being. You have my profound thanks.


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