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Renovations: Week Twelve

Monday morning I nipped out to the hairdressers and came back to find a house full of tradesmen working hard ♥

Tom the carpenter was in to finish up the kitchen fit, edging and pretty bits are now fitted along with super flashy under unit lights which are fantastic.

Tom the electrician had an extra pair of hands to carry on with all the electrics which today included something that looks like it should be on the Starship Enterprise to contain all our electrical and internet needs for the study. We have new lights, sockets and usb ports throughout the ground floor too. In fact by the end of Thursday, pretty much all of the electrics have been done which included the enormous task of moving the wifi and sending out ethernet cables across the rooms. All completed with efficiency, skill and singing (because Tom likes to sing).

Poor Harry drew the short straw and was outside in the cold finishing up the utility room, but we made sure he was kept warm with hot chocolate. He was also the one left to take out the old toilet, which was ancient and had also sat quietly festering for the past was a brave act and one that we reckon his work mates owe him a beer for taking on!

Sometimes it is the little things that make you stop in your tracks. Tom and Harry were deciding on skirting boards for all the rooms. We live in a house that is over a hundred years old, the skirting boards in most of the rooms are enormous and very fancy. We were not expecting anything more than just normal plain skirting boards a couple of inches high to be put in. Between the pair of them they decided we needed something more in keeping and went to a supplier (I like to think there is a magical skirting board emporium somewhere) to get deep detailed skirting that matches the original we have in the hallway so that it all 'flows'. It might seem like a small thing, but we were very impressed with the attention to detail and the effort that went into it.

Thursday we had a visit from Louis the plumber who installed our kitchen sink - hurrah! It is such a pleasure to have running water downstairs. And he also got the downstairs toilet fitted and working too - all in time for the Christmas break.

Boss man Dan also visited on Thursday to catch up and to make sure we were all as set as we could be for the Christmas break. The team also visited to clear away all of the rubbish that had accumulated (seriously I don't know where it all comes from). So the garden and forecourt are now all clear.

Due to a few hiccups, which were all out of the control of anyone, we aren't quite finished yet. But, we are up and running after a fashion, which is a relief. Everything is also now ready for the pretty stuff to happen after the break. Painting, custom built vinyl/book shelves and fitted units under the stairs along with a nice patio in the garden are all to come.

And then of course, we have added to the renovation with a couple more this space.


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