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Review: Awebox

You know that I like mystery boxes and although I lean towards witchcraft themed boxes, I found this one - Awebox. It would make a really nice gift to send to someone and can be individually tailored.

It arrived in a nice box filled with pretty shredded paper.

These are the contents of the box I received:

A scented candle in a tin.

Washi tape set

Amaretti nougat


Magnetic shopping list pad

Chocolate truffles

Dog dental sticks

Doggie treats

There are several options of size of box, I chose the six choice box at a cost of £30. I could choose six categories of gift to be included and the box would contain 'up to 12 items' - my box had 8.

The categories you can choose from are:



Nail care

Chef's corner

Vegan snacks

Protein snacks

GF snacks

Sweet treats and candy





Dog treats and toys

Cat treats and toys






or surprise me

My choices were: Women's Beauty, Sweet Treats & Candy, Candles & Home Fragrance, Stationery, Dog Treats & Toys, Chocolate

What will I and won't I use from the box?

The candle is good, although not a scent I particularly like, but that's just personal choice

I won't use the washi tape or the shopping list, although I may use the list as scrap paper.

Eric (the dog) loved the treats and sticks.

Unfortunately the chocolates were filled with alcohol so they weren't to our personal taste.

The handcream will be used.

Nougat is a strange beastie, never very sure if I like it or not, but I really don't like amaretti so that will be given away.

Although the box wasn't perhaps to my exact personal taste, it would make a really nice gift for someone with the good mix of items. All of the pieces were very good quality too.


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