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Review: Beasts of Albion

I am a bit of a sucker for anything that has Albion in the title and anything that is brightly coloured - these cards drew me in with both.

The Beasts of Albion oracle cards have been written and illustrated by Miranda Gray and they are fabulous.

Beautiful cards with gorgeous images they are also a nice size on excellent quality card stock.

The book includes mythology and folklore, characteristics and meaning for each animal.

They are lovely to work with for insight and readings but also to use as a focus in meditation or animal magic spellwork.


The official blurb:

Britain enjoys a long, rich tradition of animal lore that date back to the earliest times. Even today we see the fox as sly and cunning and the cat – with its ‘nine lives’ – as being somehow enchanted. The Beast of Albion Oracle shows readers how to harness the power of the animals featured in the deck, and how to channel it into improving the quality of their lives. The deck also offers insight into how the reader may discover their own animal totem and companion animal, whose strengths and abilities may be called upon in times of need.

The Beasts of Albion Oracle features beautiful portraits of all 39 of the featured beasts, including a blank card to use if required, while the accompanying guidebook presents a wealth of myth, legend and natural history for each of the animals. The guidebook also explains how to read the cards, using and the suggested spreads to identify their strengths, abilities and needs in particular areas, and how to explore the symbology of the animals on a deeper level by following the Spiral Path.

Available from all the usual outlets.


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