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Review: BeWater Crystal Water Bottle

Some of the lovely Kitchen Witch posse have had beautiful water bottles for some time now, each one filled with an insert that contains crystals. The idea being that the crystals impart their magic into the water you drink.

Last week I succumbed to purchasing a bottle. The real reason being because I don't drink enough water. I thought if I had a pretty crystal filled bottle I might be encouraged to drink more. It has worked.

The hard part? Choosing which crystals to have in your bottle.

The bottles are supplied by

The original bottles are moulded in a BPA, BPS-free durable plastic, with a stainless-steel embossed lid.

The home/office range bottles are made of lead-free borosilicate glass with a stainless-steel cap at the top and base. The crystal chamber is made of BPA, BPS-free Tritan plastic.

And the on the go range bottles are moulded in a BPA, BPS-free durable plastic, with a lockable flip-top lid and straw opening.

And there are any amount of different crystals to choose from, even extra crystal inserts if you want to have a couple to swap in and out. You can also choose the colour of lid if you go for the on the go range.

After much debate I went for the on the go range (with the intention of taking it out and about with me). And I plumped for DUMORTIERITE AND ROCK CRYSTAL

'Dumortierite comes in varying shades of dusky blues and greys. It encompasses a host of characteristics such as clarity of thought, control, patience and wisdom. Mystics believe that it nurtures the Divine Mind. Growing wise and thoughtful.'

I can never have enough clarity of thought...oh and patience.

They aren't cheap, but they are incredibly well made and you get a very generous amount of crystals in each one.

So far, I am impressed.


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