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Review: Bloom Teas

I find herbal teas a bit 'hit and miss', so many of them sound lovely and smell delicious but when you come to drink them they taste of nothing, or like the sweepings from the factory floor.

However, I discovered the range by Bloom Teas and these are excellent.

They have a delicious range of flavours, such as coconut kola punch, raspberry panna cotta and banana rice pudding.

Each tea blend has natural ingredients that add to the flavour, there are no 'fillers' or random ingredients to bulk it out.

I ordered one of their pick and mix tea bag boxes, mainly because I couldn't decide on which flavours and this option gave me a good selection. Each one I have tried so far has been lovely and most importantly tasted as good as the description.

The tea bags are biodegradeable, they do come in foil pouches that not all councils can recycle, but Bloom Teas offer a service where you can send all the foils back to them and they will recycle for you (genius idea).

The company also had strong sustainability ethics and they belong to the 1% for the Planet community.

I am very impressed.


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