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Review: Brambles of Hull Crystal Advent Calendar

Ever since I was a small child I have had an advent calendar each year. The ones I remember were card pictures with small doors that opened to reveal an image inside. I loved them. As I got older I progressed to calendars that housed chocolates. In more recent years I have had variations, some chocolate, some reverting back to the original card version with images and I have also had advent calendars filled with tea light candles. This year I wanted to try something different.

Then I was faced with a dilemma, should I go for the 'witchy advent' filled with a varity of things or plump for the straight forward 'crystals' one...I went for the latter.

As I write this it is the 7th of December, so I haven't even opened half the doors yet, but I am already very impressed. Day one revealed a beautiful crystal bracelet, day three had an amethyst pendant and the other days have all had tumble stones, but not the usual run of the mill ones, I have had some that I haven't worked with before such as tiger iron.

Housed in a box filled with individual numbered boxes it is quite sturdy and very pretty to look at. Inside each box is a printed card giving details of the magical properties of each crystal and the crystals are inside pretty organza bags.

I am incredibly impressed.

for all kinds of witchy items.


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