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Review: Crowley's Witch Skulls & Spells Box

On my continuing journey to discover fabulous mystery witch boxes, I stumbled upon Crowley's Witch.

They have an online store

Their website has a lot of fascinating items which also includes their Skulls & Spells monthly box at £23.93 plus p&p

The box arrived and was beautifully packaged, each item wrapped in tissue or striped paper.

The contents:

Tote bag with the design 'Head of the Coven' (I mean how perfect is that?)

Ceramic mug with 'Winchester Bros' design

Carved wooden pentacle incense holder

White sage incense cones

Palo Santo resin incense

Dried hibiscus flowers

Dried lemon peel

Glazed incense holder with lemongrass incense sticks

Three spell candles

Scroll and rope for a knot spell

Kiwi watermelon wax melts

Sputnik aragonite spell water

All the items are of very good quality and decent sizes.

Very nicely done and a good selection for your money.


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