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Review: Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch

I was sent a copy of Devin Hunter's book Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch by the publisher Llewellyn.

This is a wonderful book with beautiful images to accompany the fascinating text.

I love the layout and the general direction the book takes the reader in.

The author has an obvious love of the subject drawn on extensive practical experience.

Highly recommended.

The official blurb:

100+ Crystals, Gems, and Metals to Strengthen and Support Your Magic

Featuring an immense collection of recipes, grids, correspondences, and nearly two hundred color photos, this is a must-have resource on minerals and how to partner with them for potent magic. Bestselling author Devin Hunter presents more than a hundred common varieties that help witches begin or improve their crystal practice.

Drawing on almost thirty years of experience, Devin shares detailed advice on the best crystals for protection, well-being, magical success, and psychic abilities. He reveals the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of each stone as well as what element, tarot card, affirmation, plants, and planets are associated with it. In addition to dozens of spells and workings, this stunning book covers cleansing methods, divination techniques, crystal spirits, and much more.


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