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Review: Kaytea Superfood Lattes

In a cafe some time ago now, myself and the Kitchen Witch posse sampled some delicious but weird lattes. The flavours were beetroot and turmeric. We hadn't seen them before and have not seen them anywhere else.

Until now...

I stumbled upon Kaytea Superfood Lattes so I ordered a sample pack.

I was not disappointed. Each flavour is delicious. Easy to make, just use one teaspoon of the mix and add it to hot milk (of any kind, I use soya). And there you go, pretty coloured, healthy latte that tastes fabulous.

They have four flavours:

  • Spiced vanilla chai

  • Golden turmeric orange

  • Beetroot velvet

  • White chocolate

They are all natural, plant based and caffeine free.

I will be purchasing more.


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