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Review: Life Supplies

In my ongoing quest to remove as much plastic from our daily use and replace it with renewable/sustainable/recycled/single use products, an advert on social media for Life Supplies toothpaste caught my attention.

After investigating I ended up purchasing the toothpaste and a shower gel which also came with a free anti perspirant.

What you receive is the container, a sturdy, nicely designed refillable pump dispenser for the toothpaste and the shower gel and a refillable roller ball deodorant bottle (also filled with product). The initial outlay wasn't cheap but also not extortionate for what you get.

The toothpaste has a nice minty taste and is full of natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. And of course you don't have the nasty plastic container that gets thrown in the trash, adding to the plastic mountain.

The shower gel was primarily purchased to encourage our teenager to shower more easily (anything helps!). However I have been using it too and it works very well, nice pump dispenser and the shower gel has a light eucalyptus fragrance with no harsh chemicals.

Over the past few years I have tried various natural deodorant sticks and all of them have been uncomfortable or rash inducing. This one I am very impressed with, it goes on easily, is kind to the skin and doesn't have a strong overpowering scent. Most importantly it works as a deodorant, I am converted.

Overall I am impressed.


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