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Review: Ogham Divination

I was extremely pleased to get hold of a copy of Ceri Norman's new book A Beginner's Guide to Ogham Divination, published by Moon Books.

I have dabbled with Ogham over the years and tend to use it mostly for spell work but this book has opened up a whole new world of working with Ogham. Ceri takes you through the meanings for each stave and gives useful and practical suggestions. It is the most useful and comprehensive Ogham book I have seen.

Highly recommended for those wishing to learn to read the Ogham or for using it within spell working.

The official blurb:

Discover the magic, mythology and meaning of the 25 trees of the Celtic Ogham, once the alphabet of the ancient Celts and now a system of divination that is perfect for tree lovers everywhere.

This book invites and guides you to forge a meaningful and deep connection with the trees by listening to and learning from them. Each of the trees acts as a wise and insightful guide. By tuning into the energies, magic and personality of each of the trees, we can come to better understand them and to better understand ourselves.

Featuring traditional correspondences, ancient kennings, folklore, divinatory spreads and so much more this book gives you a step-by-step to working with the Ogham as a practical as well as spiritual means of divination.

Bring the magic, mystery and meaning of the trees into your life.

Available from all the usual book outlets.


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