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Review: Pagan Portals Isis by Olivia Church


Isis has a history spanning millennia and an influence stretching across land and sea. She is a Goddess who transcends time and geography, remaining one of the most popular Goddesses from the ancient world to this day. The book explores Isis' mythic journey and how she became the Goddess we recognise today.

Striking a balance between the old and the new, Pagan Portals - Isis provides an historical account of her mythology and worship alongside modern Pagan perspectives and offers the reader tools for Isis' contemporary veneration.

Perhaps one of the most well known ancient Egyptian goddesses, this book delves into her mysteries. The mythology of creation, magic, death and rebirth and mother and son. Isis, the goddess of 10,000 names. Her temples, cults, festivals and rituals along with magic and prayers. Wrapping up with worship of Isis in modern times. Absolutely fascinating.


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