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Review: Pagan Portals Sexual Dynamics in the Circle by Melusine Draco


One of the most significant social changes in the 20th-century was the wedge driven between the males and females of Craft as a result of social media and political feminism. From a purely magical point of view the battle of the sexes has been one of the most negative crusades in the history of mankind since everything in the entire Universe is made up from a balance or harmony of opposite energies. Men and women are different as night and day but still part of the same homo sapiens coin, regardless of their individual sexuality.

Now, before you get all squinky about this - don't judge a book by its cover.

This book deserves to be read by anyone practicing the Craft or walking any pathway that even bears a resemblance to Witchcraft, Wicca or even general Paganism. It is about history, it is about the original teachings, it is about the dual energies that sometimes oppose, but mainly blend. It is about male and female energies within the basic structure of Witchcraft. And of course, it is about sex magic as well.

If any of the above refers to you, you will benefit from reading this book, you might not agree with it all but you will certainly learn something. Oh, and it is an informative read for anyone and everyone, regardless of gender.


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