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Review: Pagan Portals Temple of Bones by Jennifer Teixeria


The Temple of the Bones is a gathering of witches, priest/ess/xes, and pagans under the dark of the moon to honor Hekate through public ritual.

This book contains information on witching herbs, daily practices, moon magic and how the Temple seeks to strengthen community through the honoring of the dead. As they are, soon we shall be and their message often is to not waste your precious time on the things that do not serve your highest purpose.

The Temple of the Bones encourages you to look into your own power. What wants to be brought to the surface? Are you using your strengths, or are you feeding your weakness? How are you creating magic in your own life with the wisdom of your bones?

If you have any interest in Hekate, just beginning or further in, this book will provide you with a huge insight into working with her. The book includes casting circles, the elements of Hekate, calling upon her, bone oracles, offerings, spells and more.


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