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Review: Reusable face wipes

As someone who wears makeup I was getting through a considerable amount of cotton wool pads/balls when removing my makeup each day.

In my ongoing quest to find something more eco friendly I have tested out several reusable face wipes.

These three are all from independent sellers on etsy.

Lacey Loves Co

Luxury make-up remover pads, handmade from 100% cotton and bamboo towelling. 7cm in diameter.

♥ I like these, the towelling side in particular is extremely absorbent and works well to remove makeup or just to clean your face.

Made By Meg GB

One side of the cotton pad has 100% cotton bee print on one side and 100% cotton towelling on the other. 8.5cm wide.

♥ I like these for the towelling too, they were also good because they are slightly larger.

Aimee Makes 1

Made from the softest 50% Bamboo & 50% Cotton wadding. Approx 8.5cm diameter.

♥ Nice size, but I did prefer the towelling on the others rather than the wadding. Still did a good job though!


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