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Review: Sacred Essence

Pinging around on the interweb as you do, thinking I needed some more candle holders. I have quite a few but they are mostly wooden and I keep setting fire to them...ahem. The quest was started for some that were fire proof.

My investigations led me to the Sacred Essence website.

Such a lot of lovely goodies and a very good Starchild range too. They cover health and wellbeing, incense, Shamanic items, musical instruments, essences, oil burners and any number of other items.

I found what I was looking for in the form of Starchild incense burners, I have a couple already that I use as candle holders so I have added more to my collection. No more setting fire to wooden candle holders for me!

Delivery from Sacred Essence was super quick and the items were incredibly well packaged (and with eco friendly packaging).

I shall be visiting their site again I have no doubt.


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