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Review: The Roman Calendar

With my own love of ancient English deities and celebrations there is a cross over with the Romans too, so I was delighted to grab hold of a copy of Marion Pearce's The Roman Calendar book.

It makes for a fascinating read and shines a light on a lot of our familiar celebrations. Definitely worth a read.

The official blurb:

This book explores the origins of our calendar which dates back to the days of ancient Rome. The festivals and various celebrations are described, from the wild excesses of the Lupercalia to the gentler pastoral Floralia and Ambarvalia, the Roman zest for life shines through their year. The whole of the Roman world can be found in the chronology of time. How they related to their God's and Goddesses, their mythology, their sports, harvests, work and play. Now is the time to decode this enigma and see how the Romans really lived, so turn back the clock, step back in time, its all in our calendar!

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