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Sun Magic Online Workshop

I am looking forward to being back online with The College of Psychic Studies for my Sun Magic Workshop

Discover the potency of sun magic and learn how to live in harmony with the solar year in this livestream workshop with witch Rachel Patterson. 

Just as we work with the moon's phases, we can also align our magical workings with the phases of the sun. And just as we can draw down the moon and her power into our body, we can do the same with the sun's energy for potent effect. 

This online workshop is an introduction to working with sun magic and how to align your life with the solar year to harness its magical power.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • The sun cycle, with its representations and correspondences

  • Appropriate magic and spell work

  • Sun deities, spells and rituals

  • Herbs, foods and crystals associated with the sun

For witches, the moon tends to take pride of place in our magical work.

However, the sun is an incredibly powerful source of natural energy.

Discover how to use the sun in your magic practice in this online workshop.

To book and for more details

Saturday 16th March 2024

2 - 5pm GMT


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