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The Great British Porridge Company

I love porridge, whether it is a big steaming hot bowl in the winter or an overnight oats pot straight from the fridge in the summer.

To be fair it is pretty easy to make so I usually use plain porridge oats and make my own.

Then I discovered the Great British Porridge Company.

Instant porridge of the best kind, packed full of natural seeds, fruits and nuts and made in a few seconds - steaming hot or made into cold overnight oats.

Natural, ethically sourced ingredients, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and no added sugar. But packed full of taste.

There are three flavours (at the moment): Strawberry & peanut butter, blueberry & banana and goji berry & pumpkin seed. I love them all.

Each batch is handmade in Sussex.

You can purchase from their website

They also make delicious protein balls...


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