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The Tale of The Triple P

Once upon a time there was a Witch minding her own business, busy trying to juggle everything that needed to be done. When the King of the Moon Books Publishing domain requested her presence. "Hark, ye are summoned to host our new Moon Books Publishing Podcast, because you are so mighty at the waffle". The Witch was overwhelmed, and honoured beyond belief but managed to reply "why kind Sir, you honour me with your request, of course I accept your kindly offer".

The Moon Books King then called upon the services of his Knight, Sir Matty of Moon Books to work his sorcery with all the techie stuff.

Many days, then weeks went by with meetings using the polished obsidian that is Zoom, discussing names, themes and how the heck it was all going to work.

And then lo, the first podcast was pre-recorded with an honoured guest and with the blessings of the Gods, it worked.

The heralds, heralded, the trumpeters, trumped and a grand announcement was made, the name shall be The Pagan Portal Podcast (the Witch quickly turned it into 'the Triple P' for she is lazy).

'Hark, the first casting of a pod shall be heard on the 5th day of January, 2024, and it shall be found on the Moon Books Tube of You and all the usual podcast platforms such as the Fy of Spot.'


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