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Welcome to the Witchy Parlour

Having lived in our home for over 25 years now my witchcraft paraphernalia has been spread over various locations over the years. At first it was just in a box, then a cupboard, a unit, a dresser (along with numerous shelves full of books of course) and spread over several altars throughout the house.

Finally it has all been moved to a room of its own, I welcome you to my Witchy Parlour...

With our eldest having left home to live with her fiance we had a room spare. We kept it for a while as a guest room for when they stayed over but as they only live around the corner it seemed silly to have a room set up for once a year. Add to that pending house renovations in parts of our home too, it made sense to move all my Witchcraft bits and bobs up to the spare room. And then it began to evolve.

First the herbs and crystals moved, then the statues and altar ware, then the main altar, quickly followed by a desk and chair and finally the pictures.

For those lovelies that join me for my weekly live chats you will have been following the progress. Now 'tis done and all set up. At some point in the future (when the renovations are done and dusted) I may paint the walls but the rest is all there and in place.

It feels very comfortable and not only provides me with a place to work my Craft undisturbed - Eric the dachshund isn't allowed upstairs as his little legs can't cope with the stairs. It also gives me a space for quiet meditation, I even treated myself to new headphones and a speaker for the full meditation/gong bath effect.

I know I am very blessed to be able to have this space to work with but it has taken me until the grand old age of 52 to get there!


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