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What's up next?

Thought I would do a quick round up with what I am working on currently and what's in the schedule next concerning my books.

The majority of my books so far have been published by the fabulous Moon Books and it is my absolute pleasure to continue to write for them going forward. I also have one book released with the American publisher Llewellyn (Curative Magic) and have just signed two more contracts with them. Three of my books have also been translated into French by the publisher Editions Danae. Curative Magic is also in the process of being translated into Polish.

To be released in 2021:

Pagan Portals The Triple Goddess will be released in November 2021. (Moon Books)

I have explored some of the myths, history and meaning within this book, presenting you with my own personal views but also information that I have found in my research so that you can come to your own conclusion. My primary focus is for you to find your own pathway and walk a personal journey with the Triple Goddess in a way that suits you. I have hopefully provided you with the beginning of a path for you to follow.

To be released in 2022:

Working with the magic of the moon to take you on a practical, spiritual and emotional in depth journey...

​Beneath The Moon: Living, playing and working in tune with her rhythms can change your life and the way you look at the world. She will help you to connect not only with her magic but your own, your intuition and every thread that wraps its way through this big ole world of ours. She has the power to transform your life, you have the power within you to do the same.

Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Fire will be released in 2022 (Moon Books)

Adding to the Kitchen Witchcraft series, the second in a set of four books focusing on the elements. Each book will go in depth into one of the elements, this one will be all about the element of Fire; how to work with it, rituals, spells, correspondences, elementals, meditations and practical exercises.

Currently in the writing process:

Pagan Portals Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Britain (Moon Books)

Household Magic (Moon Books)

Season of the Witch (working title) - (Llewellyn)

Practical Candle Magic (working title) - (Llewellyn)

And then...

Several other proposals are also floating around in the melting pot, who knows what else will happen?

I am as always, eternally grateful for the support from everyone that continues to buy my inane waffle, you are total rock stars ♥



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