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Wild Witchcraft Conference 2022

Well, what a fantastic day!

I was honoured to be a part of the Wild Witchcraft Conference again this year. A lovely venue and a wonderful atmosphere. Brilliant speakers and some fabulous stalls too.

Although I do regular online events, it was my first 'on stage/microphone in hand' talk since before the first lockdown - two years ago. I must admit I was terrified!

A big thank you to Jonathan for organising. And a huge thank you to everyone that purchased books from me and laughed at my jokes during my talk.

I also need to thank Damh the Bard for being my 'stooge' during my talk too, you were a star. Even though one of the responses was so funny it made me cry with laughter, which probably isn't very professional when on stage supposedly giving an informative talk.

Keep an eye out for the event next year!

For a full gallery of photos hop on over to my author fb page, but here are a select few:


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