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Witch Business Book

One of our very lovely Kitchen Witch School students, Coz Catlin has written and self published a book all about using magic to assist you in your business.

To give it the proper title:

Why did Coz write the book?

"Whilst I was in Glastonbury last spring I was looking through the many bookshops there and I couldn’t find anything that was designed to help those who follow a witchy path develop and run their businesses. I found lots of self-care books but nothing for running a business. So, I decided to use my experience to write one and I wanted the book to be practical, useful and affordable. There’s a lot of business stuff out there but I wanted to create something that speaks our language, and s straight-forward no nonsense which would appeal to witches, crafty types, and the like. "

And a bit about Coz:

I’ve been a witch for many years and have run my own business for 13 years. The content within this book is a collection of the thought processes, methods, and techniques I have developed and used myself in my own work. My path is one of kitchen/garden/eclectic witchcraft. I live in harmony with nature and use elements from each of these different traditions, as well as others I have learned along the way, to create an individual practice that works for me.

I am a member of the Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery and have completed my first level Priestess training – Forest of Oak. In the ‘conventional’ world I am a Chartered Marketer and hold a Post-Grad in Marketing. My own marketing and consultancy business is run using the methods I explain in this book. I work with all sizes of business from single person start-ups through to global corporations and I have also worked with several household brand names. I write and deliver business, sales, and marketing plans for my clients so by bringing these worlds together, this book brings useful and practical advice that you can apply to you and your business.

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