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Working with Crystal and Nature Grids

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of crystals, each one charged with intent and adding its own power to the other crystals in the grid. I think crystal grids are one of the most powerful crystal set ups you can use, they utilise sacred geometry and all sorts of sciencey stuff including tapping into the universal energy and ley lines, but we will stick with how to make them and leave the ‘why they work’ and just call it magic…

First of all, you need to decide what your intent is for creating the grid. They can be created for just about any purpose. Make sure your intent is clear and specific though because you don’t want the ‘power’ wandering off in unspecified directions.

You can draw out a sacred geometry pattern to work from or print one from the net, but I prefer to work intuitively, whatever way works best for you. A hexagon is a good shape to start with, but you can also use triangles, squares, circles, stars, a spiral or the infinity symbol.

I start with the centre stone, this creates the key point or the power stone, this stone is the amplifier, the connector for the whole grid. I like to use a larger crystal as the centre stone, whilst this isn’t absolutely essential it does seem to ‘conduct’ the power more efficiently.

Don’t feel you can’t create a crystal grid if you can’t afford to buy a big crystal, even if you only have a small selection of tumble stones you can still create an effective grid.

How many surrounding stones you use is up to you and the size of grid you want to create. I also like to charge each stone with the intent as I place it. Start with a basic design and see where your intuition takes you – there is no right or wrong.

To choose the crystals for your grid you can go with your instinct or look up the meanings or even just work with the colour that you feel is right for your intent. You can also add other items into the grid such as business cards, photos or items of jewellery. You can add more than one ‘ring’ of stones around your centre stone, each new layer will increase and amplify energies. Go with your intuition, what stones you have and the amount of space you have to work with. I recommend you put your grid in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed by pets or small children. You may only feel that the grid needs to be left up for an hour or two, you may want to leave it in place for days or weeks – getting everyone to step around a 4’ crystal grid in the centre of the living room probably isn’t practical…You might like to light candles and incense as you create the grid as well.

Once your grid is all set up you need to activate it. Some people like to use a specific crystal or metal wand to activate each stone in the grid, personally I just use a quartz crystal point, but the choice is yours as to what you use (and what you can afford) a well-aimed finger works as well. Once you are all set up take a moment to calm and centre yourself, then say out loud your intent, it might just be a statement, an affirmation or if you are poetic you could say it in verse.

As you state your intent, point your activation wand/crystal or your finger at the centre stone and visualise energy coming up from the earth (or down from the sky) through your body, down your arm and out through your hand into the centre crystal (you don’t need to make actual contact with the crystal) then move your wand from crystal to crystal around the grid linking the energy beam from one stone to the next repeating your intent as you go.

Once you have linked all the stones take an overall look at the grid and visualise your required outcome. Then ground yourself and let the grid do its work. You should instinctively know when the grid is done and when you can dismantle it, or you may feel that it needs longer and requires recharging later, if it needs recharging just repeat the activation sequence again.

Don’t ignore your grid, I am not suggesting it will need recharging every day but take some time every few days just to notice it and re-visualise your intent.

If you chose to place other items in your grid they will charge nicely with the energy and in the case of jewellery for instance can be taken out and worn, thereby carrying the energy from the grid with you.

If you have the room you can create a crystal grid large enough for you to sit in, this is wonderful for re-energising yourself. When you do take a crystal grid apart don’t forget to cleanse all the crystals you used.

Power Wheel

I don’t really have a proper name for this type of creation – power wheel, medicine wheel, crystal wheel…you may feel the need to call it something completely different but whatever the name of it this wheel is a powerful source of energy to be directed to whatever intent you feel the need for. It is like a big visual spell based upon a crystal grid.

I like to start with a central feature whether it is a crystal a candle or a card of some sort – it gives the focus of intent. I then fan out in circles (or you could spiral it) using whatever I am drawn to use. If your intent is to bring things towards you (money, love, luck etc) then place the items in the circle in a deosil (clockwise) way, if you want to get rid of something (bad habits, negativity etc) then place the items in a pattern widdershins (anti-clockwise).

If your wheel is all about prosperity, success and personal growth you could use oracle cards that all have positive affirmations on, green, yellow and orange candles (for success, happiness and prosperity) and herbs associated with the same intent. For the crystals I would use a lot of green ones such as green aventurine and citrine for success but also add in some quartz to amplify them all. You can add in flower petals, tarot cards, small statues, photographs or anything else that seems to fit.

Be creative and go with what works for you!

I leave the wheel creations in place for as long as feels necessary, sometimes the wind will blow the parts around as I usually create my wheels in the conservatory so during the summer the doors are open.

Once the wind had done its work it usually feels like the right time to dismantle it. Otherwise it gets left alone until I feel the wheel has done the work required.

The cards and crystals get cleansed and put away and if I have used herbs I burn them and scatter the ashes on the garden.

To watch the video replay of my talk, click the link below:


If you type 'crystal grid templates' into Google and select the 'images' tab you will be spoilt for choice but the ones I used in the video are from

Information from: Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic by Rachel Patterson


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