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Devil's Dung...A Witch's World of Horrible Herbs

This one smells...bad...referred to in folklore as 'Devil's Dung' and I am not surprised why because it really does pong - the plant is Asafoetida.

It seems that part of the reason for the strong odor in this plant is that it contains sulphur so actually it works well as a substitute in magical workings when you can't get hold of sulphur. Asafoetida works well in incense blends for exorcism and protection and can also be burned to help stop someone from bothering you. It can also be used in magical workings to rid yourself of negative energy or bad habits. Asafoetida also adds a power boost to any spell work. It is essentially a banishing herb and can be used not only to get rid of people from your life but also to rid yourself of any fears you might have. Asafoetida can also aid your mind, to concentrate and to bring clarity of thought and to find your inner balance. A very masculine herb it associates perfectly with the Horned god and any fertility deities. Use for any Mars workings such as courage, healing, hex breaking, lust, strength, politics, protection, sexual energy, aggression and defense. Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars, Pluto Element: Fire Deities: Cernunnos, Pan, Priapus


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