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Tiny wren, big message

My little 'edge of the city' back garden gets regular bird visitors but mostly of the larger variety - blackbirds, pigeons, magpies and the occasional seagull, very rarely do we get any small birds not even sparrows. So when this little fella visited yesterday I became silly excited.

I always pay attention to the birds that visit; pigeons, seagulls and magpies often have messages for me so when my little wren visitor hopped about the garden yesterday I sought a meaning from it, this is what wren has to say: Wren represents a new phase of energy, increased activity and brings in more clarity to your mental and emotional vibes. There will also be an increase in your creative abilities and confidence to adapt to new situations. Wren provides support and focus so that you can take a really good and honest look at what it is that you want and need. He will help you sift through the flotsam and jetsam and see what is what. He can also help bring clarity and insight to dreams and meditations. Wren also brings a new lease of life to relationships whether they are work, home, family or friends. He helps you to see how joyful and happy your life really is and helps you bring light to your whole being. He is a little package of determination, strength, balance, timing and resourcefulness with an added hint of multitasking abilities. Wren shows you how to listen to your body and trust your intuition. Listen to the wisdom of this tiny bird who brings a huge amount of insight, inner guidance and strength to allow you to shine. Thank you little wren ♥


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