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Ruby record keeper

Back in October I was drawn to work with the crystal ruby (as part of the Arc of the Goddess course). I didn't have a ruby in my collection so I had to go on a search ...the one I was most drawn to turned out to also be a 'record keeper'.

A record keeper crystal can be identified by the appearance of raised (more common) or sunken triangles on the surface of the crystal. The triangles usually only appear on one or two of the faces of the crystal. Most record keepers seem to be part of the quartz family (clear, smoky, amethyst, citrine etc) but are also occasionally found in the corundum group such as rubies and sapphires. It is believed that the record keeper triangles can be used to access information stored in the crystal which can be accessed through meditation or connecting with the crystal. The knowledge and wisdom held within is believed to be from ancient civilisations and our ancestors. They also work well to help guide on shamanic journeys and astral travel. The crystals can also help to enhance intuition and psychic, past life work and spirit contact abilities. The stones can also be used to help access the Akashic Records. Record keeper crystals are also very good for programming to store your own information. I have worked with past life retrieval before and I have dabbled with the Akashic Records (although as it happens I am currently working through a course to learn how to access them properly) and I have also followed the path of a Seidr since being prompted to follow that direction during a course I took with Farrar & Bone...but I have let my practices slide somewhat (busy life and all that) so I think this is the prompt I should be an interesting journey...


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