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Tangerine Quartz

The orange colour in the quartz is caused by hematite and the presence of water when it was initially formed.

It is a good crystal to balance your emotions and helps bring calm and quell any panic or upsetting feelings. This crystal also packs a huge punch of strength and can help you to 'keep going'. Tangerine quartz can aid in bringing balance to relationships and to cope with dealing with 'difficult' people or situations. This crystal is all about expanding your etheric vision and evolving your inner being along with increasing your self worth. Tangerine quartz resonates with the sacral chakra to promote creativity and sexual energy. Work with this stone to protect against psychic attacks and to shield yourself from negative energy. Meditate with or use as a tool to focus your thoughts. Tangerine quartz can also help in any manifesting spell work. It can help to release anything that no longer serves you, aiding in mental and emotional release allowing you to focus on your life purpose. It can also aid in past life work and any healing that is associated with it. It brings inner wisdom and pure clarity also allowing you to let go of self made boundaries and allowing you to reflect your true nature.


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