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Pigeons and their magic

Pigeons have been visiting my garden for years but I seem to have gained one particular bird that has claimed the garden as his own domain.

He (I assume it is a he, I haven't asked...) likes to sit on the fence and snooze but also likes to strut his funky stuff around all the flower beds, literally just taking a stroll surveying his estate. I have worked with pigeon magic for a while but with this constant visitor now is the time to pay particular attention to his messages. Pigeons have the same or very similar animal magic as doves - they both bring peace, harmony and love but they also indicate transitions. They are spiritual messengers bringing communication from friends and loved ones in spirit and between the worlds. He shows us how to quiet our minds and see the beauty in the simple things of life. Pigeon/dove also brings the reminder that inner peace and happiness are easily obtainable and always available. The dove in particular is linked with many different goddesses and brings a huge punch of feminine and maternal energy with it. With this connection it also echoes the magic of hearth, home and family. He also allows us to release and let go of past issues and negative energy to allow ourselves to open up to receiving healing on all levels. In turn this release allows us to be open to promise of wonderful things to come. Typically the day I write about him he won't pose for the camera, instead he is on the roof cooing, I can hear him but can't see him. He has become a very welcome sight in the garden and I find myself talking to him quite often, usually asking him not to keep pooping on the fence and the plants...


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