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Fire Agate

This stone really is fire in a crystal form and it brings all the magical properties that the element of fire does. This stone brings the courage to speak up and not to be ignored and brings protection against bullies. It has integrity and encourages the bearer to have high standards of behaviour along with bringing passion and the love of life. Although fire agate is well...fiery it also brings a stabilising and strengthening energy. This crystal can literally light your fire and give you a vibrant energy and a new found zingy life vibe. Fire agate also brings with it creativity, sexuality and focus. It can help you make the right decisions when faced with difficult issues and give guidance from the divine. This stone also helps you to take risks, those ones that need taking in order to fulfill your desires and goals. Fire agate also brings in protection for your family and home along with success and achievement in business. It also brings self confidence and self esteem and a protective shield to deflect negative energy. Agate also helps writers and artists get over creative blocks and bring in new ideas and perspectives. All in all this is not a boring stone by any stretch and brings a real kick up the butt in the way of positive energy.


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