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Colour Magic...Gold

Despite what the media and Hollywood films would have you a witch I don't actually spend all day every day hunched over a cauldron casting spells... I do however work a simple spell each New Moon and my intent is for prosperity and abundance for the coming month, enough money to cover the bills and a bit extra whenever possible because hey I deserve it...(and someone has to pay off the credit cards...) I usually just write an abundance cheque from the universe (just type in 'abundance cheque' to Google images and you will get loads to choose from to download and print). I fold the cheque up and pop it in my Green Man box with a few chosen herbs - whatever I feel inclined to add. This month however I was drawn to add a bit of candle magic to the New Moon mix and the candle I chose was gold. Gold represents abundance, prosperity and all things extravagent to me (it might mean something different to you) but I thought I would share the colour magic symbolism of gold... Colour Magic...Gold Abundance Prosperity Wealth Finances Winning Success Goals Money The Sun The God Male energy Intelligence The conscious mind Cosmic energy Happiness Energy Activity Healing Rejuvination Spirituality The Divine Protection (especially for children) Also associated with the day of the week - Sunday These are general correspondences for the colour gold, but as always...go with your intuition!


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