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What is animal magic?

Animal magic is the art of recognising and working with familiars and animal spirit guides. Animal magic shows you how to work with animals for your spiritual growth and increased magical power. Not only will an animal spirit guide give you support, wisdom and guidance you can also draw on the power of animals to use in spell working. Mother Nature has so much to share with us through her many guises whether it is through plants, trees and herbs, the weather or via her animal kingdom – all we have to do is watch and listen. Each animal will have its own very unique characteristics, personalities and traits but it will also have particular habitats, how it feeds, what it eats and how it raises its young, all of these things are important and can tell us something. By looking into an animal in all aspects and understanding how it fits into the scale of things and by that I mean into the world and the eco system as a whole we can begin to understand more about the magic that an animal spirit guide can provide us with. They can also be a reflection of our own selves or the events that are happening within our lives.

Our ancestors were far more connected with nature than we seem to be today and they understood the importance of working together with the plant and animal kingdoms, they worked in harmony with the cycles of the seasons and the ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms. Priests, shamans and medicine men would wear the skins of animals and animal masks to invoke their energy and bring the power and magic of nature into being. Not that I am suggesting you throw on your leopard skin rug when you pop out to the shops but by just being more aware of the animals and birds around you can bring such an incredible connection.

Working with animal magic can help you find your life long spirit guide and all that they have to offer in the form of wisdom, insight, guidance and support but also help you to understand your own true nature, often the spirit guide that finds you is a reflection of your inner soul. Animal magic can also help you deal with the big ole outside world if you fancy a bit of shape shifting to take on the traits of a particular animal. And it can help add extra energy and power to your spell working.

Never dismiss an animal guide if it comes to you, not everyone will have tigers, lions or wolves some will work very happily with an ant or a sparrow – each one has energies and messages that are right for you. Hey…I have a pigeon for goodness sake! Don’t forget that the animal chooses the person…not the other way round.

Excerpt from Pagan Portals Animal Magic by Rachel Patterson


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