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New Moon New Job Spell

If you have decided you need a new job work this spell on the first night of the New Moon. What you need: Two brown candles (to represent your job) One green candle (for prosperity) One other coloured candle of your choice (this represents you) Cinnamon oil A talisman (this can be a pendant, a pebble, a shell, whatever you wish to use) Put one of the brown candles in the centre of your altar with the green one to the right of it and your personal candle to the left of it. Put a dab of cinnamon oil on each of the candles. Light the personal candle and visualise yourself working in the job you would love to do. Next light the green candle and visualise you earning enough money for your needs. Light the brown candle and visualise the company you would like to work for. Leave the candles to burn out completely and send up a thank you to the Goddess/God/the Divine. On the next six evenings light the second brown candle and let it burn for 6 minutes each time and visualise your goal. When the six nights are up if you still have some of the brown candle left bury the remnants in the earth.

Spell from Pagan Portals Moon Magic by Rachel Patterson


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