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A Witch's Garden: Marjoram

A Witch's Garden: Marjoram

(Origanum majorana)

I grow several varieties of marjoram in my garden but it also grows in the wild on dry grassland and waste ground. The plant is a perennial growing up to 2 feet high with slender stems and small oval leaves. Lilac coloured flowers appear in the summer. Often referred to as sweet or knotted marjoram. Greeks and Romans wove garlands of marjoram for betrothed couples to wear, making it an excellent herb to use in love workings and marriage spells. Put a bundle of marjoram under your pillow to dream of your future love. It is a happy herb and can be used in happiness and anti depression spell work very successfully it is also good for aiding with grief. Sprinkle marjoram leaves around your house for protection. Hang a bunch over your threshold for the same purpose. Add a sprinkle of marjoram to your bath water to help you stay healthy and to keep bugs at bay. It is also very nice in pasta sauce. Marjoram Magical Properties: Love, happiness, health, protection, marriage, grief Ruling planet – Mercury Sign – Aries, Capricorn Element – Air Gender – Masculine

Taken from A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants & Herbs


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