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'Coming of the Cailleach' - Ritual

Holding onto negative feelings can not only make you feel miserable it can manifest in physical ways too. Don’t hold onto it. Forgive yourself, let go of guilt and negative emotions and move on. If you cannot forgive yourself or others then you cannot heal yourself. The Cailleach is wise and can see through any veils you pull across. She is the power of the ocean which can cleanse, purify and release. As a crone she is often represented by a spiral, it is this symbol that can help you let go. If you can do this on a beach it would be perfect but obviously that might not be possible. With a bit of visualisation and creativity this can be done in your garden or home. You will need to create a spiral, be creative, whether you draw it on paper or create it by drawing on paper or drawing a spiral shape in sand or rice, you could even create a spiral shape with pebbles, shells or crystals. Use a bowl of sea or salt water as your central point for the spiral. Cast your circle by walking deosil (clockwise) around your space three times, visualise a protective bubble surrounding you. Face each direction in turn to call in the elements; you could even place a lighted candle at each quarter. I call to the East, the element of air Chill winds and icy blasts The intellect carried by the birds of the sea Hail and welcome I call to the South, the element of fire Island volcanoes and shoreline fires Bring your passion and energy Hail and welcome I call to the West, the element of water The oceans, the rivers The intuition of the wells and springs Hail and welcome I call to the North, the element of Earth The rocks, the mountains The stability of the earth Hail and welcome Then face the centre: Cailleach, mother of stone and bone, we call to you Lady of keening, bringer of the seasons Keeper of mysteries and the cauldron of hidden sight Come dark mother and aid us in parting the veil We invite you to join our circle and ask for your blessings Hail and welcome You will need to have 6, 9 or 12 small pebbles or shells to hold in your hand. Look at the spiral and say out loud: I journey on this spiral to leave behind any guilt and shame that I am holding onto and to bring back my self worth and positive energy. Then if you are able to walk the spiral do so, if not then you can trace the spiral you have created with your finger. Start at the outer edge and work inwards as you walk or trace drop a pebble or shell at intervals, allow these pebbles to release your guild and negative emotions as they fall. When you have dropped all your pebbles and have reached the centre dip your fingers in the salt water and anoint your forehead for wisdom, your throat for freedom of speech and your heart for release of all guilt and to bring you self love and self worth. Take a few moments to connect with the Cailleach and listen to any wise words she has for you, then slowly return back out of the spiral. Thank the Cailleach for joining you and bid her Hail and Farewell. Turn to each direction and thank them for lending their energies to the rite and bid them hail and farewell. Walk widdershins (anti clockwise) around the circle stating out loud: This circle is open but never broken, Blessed be. Pour the water from the bowl onto the sand or soil and place the pebbles/shells on the soil or onto the sand. If you feel guilt rising again at any time, remind yourself of this rite or visualise the spiral in your mind.


Pagan Portals The Cailleach by Rachel Patterson


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