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On the fourth day of Yule the Goddess gave to me...

On the fourth day of Yule the Goddess gave to me... The Empress

Creativity, nurturing, abundance, fertility, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural. 4th December Today is all about abundance and generosity. Which really is what the festive season is all about isn't it? Goodwill to all men...

We could all do with a bit of abundance now and then, I am not talking about winning the lottery (we can't ALL win it) but about having enough to cover our needs and maybe just a little bit more for something nice, especially at this time of year. Candle spell for abundance Using a green or gold candle (or one of your choosing) stand it on a silver coin, making sure it is set it on a safe holder and won't fall over. You might actually want to stand the candle in a cauldron or fire proof pot for this one.

Dress the candle with peppermint or basil oil, or go with your intuition (and what you have in your cupboard).

Set a green crystal in front of the candle, aventurine or malachite are both good.

Light the candle and visualise abundance coming your way, as you watch the flame you can also drop (very carefully) basil or mint leaves onto the candle, I like to use dried honeysuckle flowers too.

Ask the Goddess/God/Angels/Divine to provide you with abundance. Sit for a few moments and visualise what you want to achieve. When you are ready give thanks, but leave the candle to burn out (safely).

Don't forget that abundance can also come you way by 'paying forward', giving to charity, helping out a friend, just giving your own time to help someone that needs it ♥ and of course it makes you feel good about yourself too. The tarot deck used is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore


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