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On the sixth day of Yule the Goddess gave to me...

On the sixth day of Yule the Goddess gave to me... The Hierophant

The Hierophant's roots are deep reaching, entwined around secrets and traditions and the ages. Ritual and cermony, pursuing knowledge and deeper meaning, the rigidity of a belief system. 6th December Today is all about mysteries, traditions, ritual and ceremony. Time to crank up your spiritual connection, seek out the mysteries of the divine and think a little about what rituals and ceremonies you incorporate into your everyday life. Candle spell to honour Deity/the Divine I like to use a white candle for this but silver would be good too (but as always go with your intuition on this one).

Then place crystals, shells, pebbles or leaves, anything of your choice really that you want to use in honour of deity (the divine or angels) around the base of the candle. Light the candle and just spend some time connecting with the Goddesss, the God, the Divine or the Angels. Give them your thanks for all that they do for you and if you have any requests or questions now would be a good time to ask. When you are ready leave the candle to burn out (safely).

The tarot deck used is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore


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