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On the eleventh day of Yule the Goddess gave to me...

On the eleventh day of Yule the Goddess gave to me... The Wheel of Fortune

Destiny, the weaving of life's threads coming together, fate, turning points, movement and change, patterns and cycles, an interconnected world. 11th December Does anyone else feel the need to 'spin the wheel' wearing a sequinned dress with this card?...Nope? ... Just me? OK...

This card is all about fate and your hold the power to create this yourself, yep YOU...all the decisions and choices you make play a part in how you live your life and how life treats you. Candle spell to weave the web of YOUR life.

For this I like to use a purple, lilac, brown or black candle - but as always...go with what colour your instinct tells you to use.

We need a bit of artistic talent for this don't have to be brilliant at it I promise. Draw a spider's web on a small piece of paper, the centre of the web is YOU and all the strands leading out from it are parts of your life...going back into the past and moving forward into the future.

Stand the candle on the spider web drawing and then light the candle.

Sit and focus on the flame of the candle and on the web that you have drawn, start with visualising yourself at the centre and take a look...backwards into your past and then forwards into the future that you want to create for yourself.

What parts of the past do you need to let go of? What old negative thoughts are you hanging on to? Let them go...

Where do you want to take your life? What direction do you want to take?

Remove the old threads that no longer serve you and build new positive ones.

Keep an eye on the candle and make sure that the paper doesn't set fire to your house.

Bury the stub and any remaining paper web. The tarot deck used is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore


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