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Book review: The Green Witch

The lovely people at Simon and Schuster sent me this book to take a peek at.

The first thing is the book itself which is a hardback but with a really natural old world feel to it, a 'proper' book vibe with a delightful cover design.

It is according to the cover 'your complete guide to the natural magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils and more'...

Whilst I wouldn't call it 'complete' (and I don't think there ever could be a complete book') it is a decent size and certainly covers most of the basics.

The chapters inside cover:

- What is Green Witchcraft?

- Embrace your own power

- Attune yourself to nature

- Manifest the power of the seasons

- Live closely with the earth

- Keep a green witch garden

- Create and craft Green Witch magic

- Become a natural healer

- Green Witch kitchen recipes

If you are just starting to investigate the path of a green witch then you will find this a very useful book. It is written in a very easy to read and friendly way and encourages the reader to find their own personal pathway. Filled with lots of exercises, meditations, suggestions, recipes and rituals it makes for a very enjoyable read.


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