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The story behind the book: Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch

Following on from my post last week about writing my first book Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft...I had caught the book writing bug.

As Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft was kind of an introduction to Kitchen Witchcraft (and Witchcraft in general) I decided I would like to write about how I worked with the Craft as a whole. Thankfully my proposal was accepted by the publisher Moon Books and I set to work.

Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch is in reality my own Book of Shadows, or as it was then in 2013 (pathways change, people grow, magic happens).

I wanted it to be a guide to witchcraft covering the basics and then some, but hopefully adding my own way of working into the mix too. It includes a bit of everything; sacred space, energy, pathworking, grounding, deity, tools, cleansing, moon magic, ritual, the elements, auras, divination, herbs, crystals, dragons, offerings, colour magic and much more.

The lovely author Nimue Brown wrote a review:

I think if Terry Pratchett’s witches wrote an introduction to magic, it would look a lot like this book. Pragmatic, playful, wise and sprinkled with humour, the author covers a lot of ground and isn’t afraid to use a wooden spoon!

I could not have been more chuffed, comparing me to a Discworld Witch is to me, the highest praise!

Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch was published in June 2013 and has sold steadily every since and last year one of my lovely friends across the pond in the USA recorded the Grimoire so it is now also available as an audio book.

I have changed quite a bit since 2013 as a writer and as a witch but I still love the Grimoire.


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