The Story behind the book: Hoodoo

As part of my witchcraft journey I discovered folk magic and that led me to discover the magical art of Hoodoo.

As my publisher, Moon Books was always on the look out for subjects for the Pagan Portals series and having already written Kitchen Witchcraft for it, I pitched the idea of a Hoodoo book and lovely publishers that they, are they accepted the proposal.

I knew this book was perhaps going to be a little controversial as I am obviously not a born and bred Rootworker (I have complete respect to those that are). However my research did discover that Hoodoo includes quite a lot of European influence and resembles folk magic from a lot of different cultures. It also slotted very nicely into my own magical witchcraft practice.

So, I took the Hoodoo magical practices and incorporated them into the folk magic and witchcraft that I was already working with, believe me it didn't take much effort, there are so many cross overs.

I loved writing Pagan Portals Hoodoo, it allowed me to write about real workings that include all sorts of fabulous ingredients and to share with everyone how brilliant the magical art of hoodoo really is.

Pagan Portals Hoodoo was published in August of 2013 and I am very pleased to say still sells well now. It is folk magic at it's best.


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