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The story behind the book: Moon Magic

Well it seems once the book writing dragon had been woken it was on a rampage...closely on the heels of the previous three books my head was spinning with ideas.

My next project was to focus on something that I worked with a lot within the Craft and I wanted to share my experiences and ideas so Pagan Portals Moon Magic began...

Total brain melt down and head explosions were likely once I had researched and digested all the sciencey information about moon phases - you won't find anything complicated in the book, I had to write it in a way that I understood!

I have shared my own journey through the moon phases, how I work with each one, what correspondences, spell workings, rituals and meditations I use along with some ideas for crafts and divination. You will find moon deities, names and charms inside the covers too.

It is a good book to start with and also hopefully gives some support to those more experienced with the Craft too.

Pagan Portals Moon Magic was published in January 2014 and has basically sold like a lunatic (see what I did there?), it quickly became an Amazon best seller and around January 2016 it hit the official 'best seller' level of 5000 sales, going on to have sold close to 8000 copies to date.

The book is currently being recorded by a lovely friend of mine and will hopefully be available as an audio book in the very near future.

Also in the works, spurred on by its success I have signed a contract with Moon Books to write a bigger and more chocolately Moon Magic this space (it may take some time coz it will have lots of words...).


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